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Sunday, April 26, 2009

anatomy of a pastel

This was my demonstration for pastels for Painting in the Parks at Stacy Park on Saturday, April 25. I had to do it quickly so I tried to capture shape and lights and the general placement of things. I finished the drawing in my studio (without returning to the scene) because I believe doing that gives more character to the piece.


  1. Do you have any recommendations regarding pastel supplies? oil or water soluble oil? Soft? Brands you like?

    I notice the demo on the left is soft and light while the one on the right is more detailed... same pastels or different types?

  2. Hi Steven:
    These are CHALK pastels (usually chalk pastels are referred to as "pastels" and the oil pastels are identified as "oil pastels").
    I have a box of 90 NuPastels (chalk) and they are hard pastels (as in consistency) and those are the only type I used. I love them!!!
    The soft pastels are expensive but more vibrant and are used at the end of a drawing, in small amounts to bring out a little more contrast and lighter, brighter colors.


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